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Singing In the Rain: Spring Engagement Shoot by Julie Parker Photography

By Tessa Woolf May 9, 2011

Happy (rainy) Monday ladies and gents.

It's so dreary and drizzly out, I thought this spring rainy day engagement shoot by Julie Parker Photography would make the day a little brighter. The couple, Kelly and Jeff, braved rain and 65 mph winds (yes, you read that right, talk about a crazy wind storm) on the day of their engagement shoot. They made the most of the weather: they grabbed an umbrella, put on two big smiles, splashed in the puddles, and let the wind whip their hair (and Kelly's skirt) about. Their great attitudes ensured they had a good time, and they were able to get some beautiful engagement photos in the process.

Like Kelly and Jeff, you can't always predict the weather on the day of photo shoots or your wedding (although stalking The Weather Channel can come in handy), but that doesn't mean the day will be all downhill if you wake up to gray skies and heavy clouds. Come rain, snow, or shine, a positive attitude--and a cute umbrella and pair of boots--will make all the difference in the outcome of your big day. And when in doubt, always plan to have a tent on hold for outdoor celebrations--you never know what the storm might blow in.

Thank you Julie for sharing this engagement shoot! Congrats Kelly and Jeff!

Brides-to-be, what's your plan come stormy weather on your wedding day?