Setting a Gold Standard for Skin Care

Park City’s Yasmin Khan is blazing a new trail in the beauty industry with her unique, oud-infused skin-care line, Khalm.

By Tessa Woolf December 15, 2021 Published in the Winter/Spring 2022 issue of Park City Magazine

Yasmin Khan, founder and CEO of Khalm Skincare

Often referred to as “liquid gold,” oud oil is a rare, centuries-old ingredient derived from the resin of agarwood trees and prized in the Middle East. Due to its captivating, complex aroma—a warm, sweet, woody blend—it’s most commonly used as a base note in top-shelf perfumes. But for local beauty entrepreneur Yasmin Khan, oud is much more than just a beloved scent—it’s also the star ingredient in Khalm, her line of oud-infused skincare (

“I’ve always been drawn to oud fragrances,” says Khan. “Oud was around me growing up, from my childhood to young adulthood. I wondered if oud could be used topically, and after doing some research, I discovered it was viable in skincare.

Made in France but based in Park City, Khalm is one of the only clean, luxury skincare brands to harness the power of oud. As it turns out, the oil is more than just a pretty scent: “Oud is antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial by nature,” says Khan. “It has a calming, awakening effect.”

The Khalm Skincare range features three vegan and cruelty-free products all infused with oud oil. The products are designed to be used as a trio, but work well on their own, too. “You don’t need a 20-step skincare routine,” quips Khan. “Who has the time for that?”

Khalm Skincare features the Overnight Oil Elixir, the Mattifying Moisturizer, and the Foaming Cleanser, all infused with the brand’s signature oud oil.


Khalm’s hero product, the soothing Overnight Oil Elixir ($185), was named one of the five best face oils in 2021 by Forbes. Made with prickly pear and vitamin C, it helps hydrate, detoxify, and brighten the skin, plus it reduces hyperpigmentation and boosts collagen. “It’s a great serum for your nighttime routine,” says Khan. “It’s best to use at night, because that’s when your cells regenerate, but it can be used all day.”

Khalm’s Foaming Cleanser ($75) features pomegranate extracts and salicylic acid to gently clean and exfoliate, while the lightweight Mattifying Moisturizer ($140), made with vitamin E, hydrates and balances your complexion. “I love our cleanser, and the moisturizer is ideal for breakouts—it’s great for maskne! You can also mix the moisturizer with our oil for ultrahydration,” notes Khan, adding that more products are in the works, including an oil-to-milk cleanser for dry skin.

Khan’s focused on growing her base of devoted “oudophiles” and expanding the business, but her motivation behind the brand is more than skin deep: she hopes that through Khalm she’ll not only inspire her own two daughters, but she’ll also be a role model for other Muslim-American women. “I want to be a woman that young girls look up to,” she says. Mission accomplished.

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