Step one: Find the right beanie.

Perhaps you’ve been Sundancing for years, or maybe this is your first foray into the star-studded festival. Either way, refining how to navigate the crowds, screenings, and parties while looking fabulous is an art form in itself. It’s also a skill that takes experience. We turned to a few of the most fashionable women in town for their take on how to dress for the fest. 

Vanessa Di Palma Wright

Image: Manic Project

Vanessa Di Palma Wright / Farasha Owner

Sundance Film Festivals Attended: 18

“Opt for comfort and style. You and your feet will thank me later as you tread through snow and sleet while jaunting from screenings to parties and exploring the shops and pop-ups on Main Street. Invest in a chunky soled combat boot that will elevate and complete all of your looks,” she says. “Currently, [I’m] loving anything that is fur or shearling-lined for extra warmth.” She also recommends a statement coat and a beanie for walking around town.

Other trends Di Palma Wright has her eye on this year: “leather everything,” faux fur, and plaid.


Lori Harris

Lori Harris / Mary Jane’s Owner

Sundance Film Festivals Attended: 25

“I love the vibrancy and diversity the festival brings to town. There are so many fun things to do from music to screenings—and the people watching never disappoints, she says. "Never hit the town without a hat or shades, and this year faux fur is a go-to when layering.” 

Faux fur may be the couture star of the festival.

Harris also recommends having a roomy tote to carry extras like water, dressy shoes for a quick day-to-night change, and extra layers. That way, you can be ready for changeable weather and whatever opportunities spontaneously come your way.

Maren Mullin (right)

Maren Mullin / Gallery Mar Owner

Sundance Film Festivals Attended: 13 

“Sundance is the perfect opportunity to be ‘extra’— so take a risk and wear a piece outside of your comfort zone. Let them gawk!" suggests Mullin. "I am known for renting clothes, especially for those riskier pieces. I use Rent the Runway for this exclusively.”

Mullin also recommends focusing on outerwear and accessories for when you are outside (waiting in line, walking on Main Street, standing at the bus stop) because this is where you will be seen the most. Try a bright faux fur, quilted cross-body bag, dynamic hat and sunglasses. And don't forget to wear gloves with touchscreen capability.

Ed Note: With the inevitable Sundance snowdrift navigation ahead, the Park City Magazine team recommends keeping those toes toasty with a solid pair of boots.


 Sundance Film Festival fills Park City with screenings, panels, and all manner of indie entertainment and storytelling, January 24—February 2.