Keep Your Baby's Feet Happy With these Stylish Slip-on Shoes

Naomi Doyle’s collection of all-natural, leather slip-on shoes solves the age-old question of what to put—and what will stay put—on your baby’s feet.

Photography by Tessa R. Woolf June 18, 2018 Published in the Summer/Fall 2018 issue of Park City Magazine

Doyle can often be spotted stitching shoes in the window of her Heber Avenue shop.

Image: Eric Schramm

Following the birth of her two sons, Naomi Doyle logged countless hours pushing her jogging stroller around Park City. From that vantage point, Doyle could see her sons’ little feet poking out the front of the stroller and took note of which shoes stayed on their feet, which styles looked good, and which styles didn’t. “I thought, ‘why is boy stuff so ugly?’” says Doyle, laughing. “I’ve always been crafty, and I wanted to design something sophisticated, tasteful, and simple for boys.” So, in 2003, as her second son took his first steps, she bought a sewing machine and stitched her first pair of leather slip-on baby shoes. She sold a few pairs at the farmers market, and with that, Cade & Co (named for her two boys, Cade and Collin) was born (136 Heber Ave, 435.901.1362).

To date, Doyle has sewn some 18,000 to 20,000 pairs of her signature baby shoes in 75-plus styles for boys and girls, all made by hand from 100 percent all-natural leather with a suede sole to prevent slipping. “The shoes form to the babies’ feet once they wear them for a few hours,” she says, “so they feel like a sock and stay on really well.”

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