Bark City at Park Silly

Must Visit Vendors for Dog Lovers

Collars, clothing, chews, books, and more for you and your pooch from the very best dog inspired vendors at the weekly market.

By Michaela Wagner July 31, 2017

In Park City, we take our love of dogs seriously, so it's little wonder there's a collection of vendors at the weekly Park Silly Sunday Market catering specifically to dog lovers and their pups. Whether you want to pick up a gift especially for your pooch or a little something for yourself, you can't go wrong with these canine-inspired vendors!

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Kathy Pederson's Boom Dog Creations is the quintessential Park City, born out of the mountains and inspired by her own dog Boomer. 

Boom Dog Creations

In December 2010, Kathy Pederson and her husband Brad were skiing at Deer Valley for their annual winter break trip. While hurrying down the hill to meet up with friends for lunch, Brad stopped suddenly and collapsed face first in the snow from an aneurism. Against all odds, he survived, thanks to Kathy administering CPR while shouting for a Life Flight transport. During the painstaking year of recovery, Pederson helped her husband relearn how to walk, read, and speak, driving down to Salt Lake City every day to help him with his therapy. On one of those days, she found an old Western belt and decorated it with silver conchos to make a collar for her dog, Boomer. When friends asked for similar handmade collars for their dogs, Pederson's hobby transformed into a business, Boom Dog Creations, and the rest is history. She now canvases the state to upcycle horse harnesses and metalware to create her unique collars, leashes, and trophy sized dog dishes (plus matching wrist cuffs for people) to sell weekly at the market. Every collar is fit individually for your dog, but no need to bring your pooch in, Pederson has every weight and breed memorized. "This is by far the best platform for any artist, I absolutely love it," Pederson says of Park Silly. "I've had major businesses approach me to sell my products in their stores, but I like to keep it local." In that spirit, Pederson uses some of her proceeds to give back to local organizations, including Friends of Animals, the National Ability Center, and others. 

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Patrick ad Anjalyn Rosevear of Summit Dog Chews

Summit Antler Chews

For a treat especially for your dog, head over to Summit Antler Chews. Run by Park City residents Patrick and Anjalyn Rosevear, Summit Antler Chews has been part of Park Silly for three years, but the couple began the project five years ago in Bozeman, Montana where they used to live. "We used to find antlers all the time while we were hiking or out on other adventures and bring them home for decoration," says Patrick. "Our yellow labrador Cooper, of course, had other ideas and would constantly chew on them." After extensive research, the Rosevears discovered antlers are not only delicious to dogs, but also contain a number of beneficial minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Plus they're all natural, organic, odor free, and durable. The average dog get one to three months use out of the antler. There's an antler for every dog, whether you have a 4 lb. puppy or a 200 lb. Mastiff. Now living in Park City, they are a mainstay on Main Street for Park Silly and even sell their antlers wholesale to some pet stores.

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Mark Garza of Dog Is Good with some of the dog-inspired designs. 

Dog Is Good

Cece and Mark Garza put roughly 100,000 miles on their car every year traveling to different markets to sell the super cute, dog-inspired apparel under the brand name, Dog Is Good, including the weekly 7+ hour drive to Park City from the Denver area (where they live). They collaborate with a company to sell the clothing, making a modest living, but doing what they love: helping dogs. "This was all born out of a Cece's passion for saving dogs," says Mark, "We travel all over the country doing this and the best part is we are living our dream." The couple has four dogs themselves, a Basset hound and three Labradors, including their puppy Calli who serves as their mascot. Even if you don't have a pup yourself, it's difficult not to want to take home a "Dog is my zen" yoga shirt or one of the many other adorable and funny  designs. 

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Corinne Humphrey creates books, paintings, and more all inspired by a Rudy, a dog she rescued from the shelter.

Tao of Rudy 

When Corinne Humphrey decided to take a sabbatical from her flight attendant career to try out a few creative pursuits and to finally get a dog, she had no idea her life would change forever. Turns out the dog, Rudy (formerly Bob) she adopted would inspire a whimsical, award-winning children's book series, paintings, prints, and journals. "Rudy wasn't my first, second, or even third choice," Humphrey says, recalling her trip to the Friends of Animals Utah adoption center. "He'd been abused previously and was bouncing in and out of shelters for three years, but the staff kept telling me he was their favorite and I eventually gave in." Humphrey ended up taking Rudy to her painting class. "I scrapped my landscape painting and did one of Rudy instead," she says. "I didn't have a writing or painting background, but he inspired me to create and The Tao of Rudy was born." Since the first book, she's gone on to write several sequels, make journals, paintings, and is even expanding into short travel guides, a Roaming with Rudy series, which features fun facts, puzzles, and more. The bright colors make the books excellent for children, but even adults will find meaning with the sweet and simple life lessons conveyed. Sadly, Rudy has passed, but his legacy lives on through Humphrey's work and the contributions she donates to rescue organizations. 

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