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Jen and Dean Tutor at Indigo Highway.

Image: Eric Schramm

In 2013, Dean and Jen Tutor had just returned from a trip to Morocco to their home in Florida when it struck them. As they looked out over the vast ocean toward the African continent, Jen recalls feeling a profound connection with all people, regardless of language, culture, and customs. “The blue ocean and big blue sky makes the world seem small,” Jen says. “That indigo highway is what connects us all.”

The Tutors are high school sweethearts from Tennessee who’ve been married for nearly 27 years. Work led them to their first Utah relocation in 1999. They opened and ran the Breathe Day Spa in Salt Lake City’s Sugarhouse neighborhood for several years before unexpected twists took them to Florida. The couple returned to the Beehive State in 2015 to open Indigo Highway, what they dub a “modern general store,” located in Park City’s Newpark Town Center. “We love being a part of this community,” Dean says. “We love the tourists, but the locals are very loyal and have embraced us since we opened.”Fast-forward to today and you’ll find the Tutors tending to the embodiment of that post-vacation epiphany, Indigo Highway (1241 Center Dr, 435.214.7244), a store Jen says is “designed to evoke conversation and bring people together through shared stories and connections.” Indigo Highway’s contemporary bohemian collection of what Dean describes as “a little of a lot of different things” includes clothing, home décor, original art pieces, and unique barware. Every item tells a story or represents a connection that the Tutors forged with its maker. Jen curates the diverse offerings, inspired by years of working as a stylist. “The [store’s theme] is largely comfortable and approachable and fits with an adventurous lifestyle,” she explains. Apropos of the Tutors’ passion for globetrotting, also displayed at Indigo Highway is a giant wall map, covered with yarn stretched between various points representing their customers’ bucket list travel destinations.

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Herbivore Botanicals’ Detox bath salts

Image: Dean Tutor

Wellness Bottled

Though the inventory at Indigo Highway is as diverse and unique as the Tutors themselves, the collection of body care items for both men and women they’ve assembled there is truly exceptional. Think body oils, bath salts, washes, shaving cream, facial steams, scrubs, and perfumes by Ayurveda Apothecary, Herbivore, Palermo, Wellspring, and Olivina, to name a few. Ideal products to give to someone you care about who needs a little TLC, including yourself.

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