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Updated: It Takes a Village

A few ways to help fellow Parkites as local Covid-19 situation evolves, plus resources for information and assistance

By Jane Gendron March 17, 2020

As Park City—like much of the rest of the globe—finds itself in uncertain Coronavirus Territory, many of the town's service workers and locals living at (or near) the poverty line, find themselves in a precarious situation. Here are some ways to help vulnerable Parkites, some resources for those seeking help, and links to up-to-date information for all of us. 

Christian Center of Park City

"We anticipate the most significant two needs that we can help alleviate are Food and Basic Needs Assistance," explains the nonprofit's executive director, Rob Harter. "In light of layoffs and cutting back on hours, with the resorts closing, restaurants cutting way back, our Basic Needs Assistance will take the form of helping people pay a month of rent, help pay a utility bill, a medical bill, a power bill...." Already, individuals whose hours have been cut are reaching out to CCPC and an on-staff social worker is assessing how best to help each case via the Basic Needs Assistance fund. On the food pantry front, more than 100 families have already signed up for the nonprofit's Food Service via an appointment/one-family-at-a-time process.
How best to help? Rather than dropping off food donations (and creating exposure points), financial support of CCPC's basic assistance fund and food pantry is preferred at this time. That way, the staff can buy items in bulk to distribute through the organization's two food pantries and steer funds toward the biggest needs, such as paying rent or bills. The online donations page allows folks to choose to support either the Food Pantry or the Basic Needs Assistance program.

Park City Community Foundation's Community Response Fund

Taking an umbrella approach, PCCF's Community Response Fund supports health and human services nonprofits in greater Park City that are handling cases related to the impact of Covid-19. In other words, this fund is designed to help ensure that basic needs—food, housing, and health care—are being met. It offers flexible resources to organizations in our area working with communities who are disproportionately impacted by coronavirus and the economic consequences of the outbreak, such as residents without health insurance and/or access to sick days, people with limited English language proficiency, health care and gig economy workers, and communities of color. The first phase of rapid-response grants will increase resilience by addressing the economic impact of reduced and lost work due to the broader Covid-19 outbreak, and the immediate needs of economically vulnerable populations caused by related closures.

Nonprofits already receiving some support through this program:

People’s Health Clinic to help support staff to manage patient flow at the door and supplies like masks, wipes, hand sanitizer, shoe covers, and disposable gowns being used at a higher rate.

Eats Park City to help support their Backpack program through which they purchase food for Summit County children (families likely impacted by loss of income) to have over the weekend. Normally they purchase enough for 350 recipients, and that is now moving to 800.

Christian Center of Park City to help support key programs, including their Food Pantry and Basic Needs Assistance program. 

Support local businesses

Restaurants and small businesses are operating under new protocols, but many will welcome you with open arms (albeit six feet apart and with face coverings). Check out to see who's offering curbside, take-out, and dine-in—and check with your favorite shops to see how they're operating these days. Starting Sunday, June 14, Main Street will be pedestrian-only from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. through September 6.   

Resources for Information and Assistance

For the most up-to-date information, visit: or

For basic needs: Christian Center of Park City

For Covid-19 testing information, or if you suspect you have the coronavirus, call or connect via the internet with one of the following entities rather than going into a clinic or hospital (if possible):
Utah Information Line: 800-456-7707
U of U Health: 801-213-2874
Intermountain Healthcare: 844-501-6600 or
Food for Students: Park City School District
Continuing through summer, PCSD is offering Grab & Go Breakfast (cereal, hand fruit, and milk) & Lunch Bags (deli or sunbutter sandwich, chips, hand fruit, and milk) to students. Pick up at McPolin Elementary, 7:30–11:30 a.m.

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