Katie Wright came to Park City by way of Philadelphia, annual ski trips to Alta in her youth, ski bumming in Breckenridge, graduating from Colorado College, and serving in the Peace Corps in Morocco. She came to the Park City Community Foundation—the town’s philanthropic hub, which raises funds for all local nonprofits—in 2008 as programs manager and became executive director in 2014. Wright oversees the foundation’s annual Live PC Give PC event, which has raised $10 million since its inception; the Solomon Fund, which builds community bonds and social equity by inviting Latino youth into existing sports programs; and the Women’s Giving Fund, through which local women’s donations have provided $150,000 to five nonprofits supporting women and children. “When 1,300 women say something’s important, like healing for victims of abuse or early childhood education, others take notice,” she says. Big picture: “We connect people with their passions … [and] donors with opportunities they feel great about.”

Where did Wright get her passion for community service? “I grew up in a family that discussed issues around the dinner table. And I have pretty rad aunts who influenced me. I’m stubborn and also optimistic. And I really like people.” As for her role, “I have the best job in the world. I’m awed at how much people here give of their time, abilities, and resources. And the nonprofit staffers and volunteers who wake up every day and work on problems. Parkites really wrap their arms around issues and work together, and that’s what gets things done.”

In the past year, the foundation has been tasked by Park City Municipal to be the social equity community convener and create a multiyear strategic plan to address the issue. “Social equity means inclusion,” explains Wright. “It’s addressing disparities in our community. It’s honoring diversity, bringing different voices to the table, and giving those voices power and decision-making equity. It’s making sure that everyone from all social/economic backgrounds has equitable access to resources and feels welcome, safe, and valued in our community,” she says. “The issues we’re taking on, like early childhood education, affordable housing, and senior care are things I’m personally passionate about and things that make the world go round.”

On her own time, Wright enjoys Alpine and Nordic skiing, camping, mountain biking, and reading with her husband and two young daughters. But she’s always thinking about the health and happiness of her community. “If we invest in the people, the place, and the culture of Park City, that begets a better culture for everyone.”

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