It's Official: Park City Has the Nation’s First Fully Electric Bike Share

City officials and residents celebrated the launch with a bike ride and rally at McPolin Farm.

By Michaela Wagner July 19, 2017

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Summit County and Park City officials lead a bike ride and rally to McPolin Barn to celebrate the launch of the new e-bike program.

There's been a buzz of anticipation every since the announcement was made late last summer that Park City would be getting an e-bike share. Well, we're stoked to say it's finally here.

On Wednesday, July 19, 2017, Park City celebrated the launch of not just Utah's, but the nation's first fully electric bike share. Park City and Summit County officials took the bikes for a test run from the Old Town Transit Center and Kimball Junction Transit Center, respectively, converging for a press conference at McPolin Barn.

Spearheading much of the project was Summit County's Transportation Planning Director Caroline Rodriquez. "We want to thank all the people who worked on this and acknowledge the voters who have consistently demonstrated their desire for more environmentally friendly options," said Rodriguez. Her counterpart in Park City, Alfred Knotts commented that "This is a great example of the city and county coming together to solve regional issues with a regional solution. We're are now part of the family of 850 bike share programs worldwide. We're not going to become Amsterdam overnight, but this is making our community even more bicycle friendly." 

Unlike a traditional bike, e-bikes provide an extra boost via an electric pedal assist (pedelec), making it much easier to cope with Park City's hilly terrain. "We've covered all the reasons these bikes are important for the community, but let's talk about what it's like to ride," closed Mayor Jack Thomas. "You experience the crack of a baseball bat as ride by the field, the sound of geese flying overhead, and the mountain air. It's true to life, where the journey is something to be savored as much as the destination." If you're already an avid rider there's no need to ditch your own set of wheels, but this program makes riding accessible to older and less fit folks who aren't putting in dozens of miles every week. Plus they are easy and fun to cruise around on. Just be warned: as soon as you put your foot down on the pedal the motor kicks in and you'll feel a bit of a jolt you don't get on a regular bike, but from their it's smooth sailing. 

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88 e-bikes will be available and can be picked up at 9 different stations located in Old Town, Kimball Junction, and Canyons Transit Center.

Who can use the bikes?

The e-bike system is meant to be used by visitors and residents alike. They're a perfect option for running errands, commuting, or recreation, especially for those of us who are too impatient to wait for the bus. 

When can you use the bikes?

Move over Uber, there's a new way to get home after a night out of Main Street because e-bikes are available 24/7 starting July 20! They'll be in service until December when they'll be put on hiatus until March.  

Where are the e-bike stations?

As of the launch, there are 88 bikes located at 9 stations: 4 in Kimball Junction, 1 at Canyons Transit Center, and 4 in Old Town. (Next summer will see additional stations and bikes added to the program.) While most of the stations have payment kiosks, some do not, so make sure you double check the bike station map here before heading out. Not by a computer, don't worry, just download the Summit Bike Share App.   

How much does it cost?

A single-trip cost on the e-bike is $2 and a Weekly Pass will cost you $18. If you're a resident and going to be a regular user, you may want to spring for the $90 Annual Pass or $30 Monthly Pass. There's also a Go Pass for occasional riders, you pay a $5 one time fee and it's $2 for each ride after that.

Take note: The first 45 minutes of each ride are included for Annual, Monthly and Go Pass holders. The first 90 minutes of each ride are included for Resident/Employee Annual Member. A $2 charge is added for every ½ hour for trip over 45 minutes for Annual, Monthly and Go Pass holders and over 90 minutes for Resident/Employee Annual Member. You can, however, switch bikes as often as you like, thereby avoiding an overcharge fees.  

We encourage everyone to get out there and try these bikes out. You can even take one out for a free test drive by using the code: summit17. For more details about the program, visit the Summit Bike share website here

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