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What's in a Name?

At Park City Brewery, tanks are people, too.

By Lisa Antonucci January 1, 2016 Published in the Winter/Spring 2016 issue of Park City Magazine

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Image: Jeff Swinger

What do Roxanne, Maggie May, and Layla all have in common? Besides heartbreak and hit records, they also are the names of the shiny fermentation vats at Park City Brewery (2720 Rasmussen Road, parkcitybrewery.com).

Opened in early 2015 by Jeremy, Brian, and Scott Ray; Hud Knight; and Jeff Petway, Park City Brewery boasts five amigos with personal ties that include a set of twins (Brian and Jeremy) plus a brother (Scott), mutual Kentucky hometowns, and for three of them a common previous employer in backcountry.com.

The Taproom’s (open Thur thru Mon until 7 p.m.) garage-like vibe—where they pour their Boogie Water Brown Ale, Breaking Trail Pale Ale, Hooker Blonde Ale, and Last Pitch IPA—is intentional and rooted in the home brewing all five partners engaged in at some point before joining forces last year. Here, dubbed by at least one of the partners as “Park City’s SEC headquarters,” a glass garage door opens out onto a patio on warm afternoons. Windows behind the bar allow ample views of the aforementioned fermentation vats. And patrons sip pints and munch free popcorn while sitting at bar stools sidled up around High West Distillery barrels.

Park City Brewery’s signature suds are also sold in cans rather than bottles because, as the fivesome explains, cans combat ultraviolet breakdown better than bottles; a can prevents oxidization better than a bottle cap; and, to paraphrase Knight and Petway, “there are places you can’t, shouldn’t, and don’t want to take glass.”

As for those tank names (the two brite tanks, used for the clarifying and carbonation process, have names, too: Crystal and Bubbles), Petway explained that most breweries give their fermentation vats pedestrian names like FV-1 and FV-2. “We decided that since we have such an intimate relationship with the tanks, we would get a bit more creative.”

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