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Image: Douglas Burke


I was never a girly girl. My dad had a body shop; he was into hot rods. We went to all of these car shows. My core group of friends were guys with jeeps who liked to do outdoor stuff: canoeing, hiking, backpacking. I love my Jeep Cherokee with 36-inch tires, a nine-inch lift, and air lockers. My husband and I opened Sexton Off Road in Kamas in 2000. We do four-wheel parts and service for jeeps and trucks, and specialize in classic Broncos from the ’60s and ’70s. We have a professional desert racing team, too.


It’s crazy what the snowcats can do, the amount of snow they can push, what they can climb. My front blade has 12 different functions. The more you curl it forward, the more the teeth dig in. The thrill of driving something that big—350 horsepower—is so cool.


It’s quiet. Peaceful. Just you and your snowcat, doing your job. When your corduroy seams up perfectly, it looks like wet cement—all your lines are perfectly straight, everything’s flat.


Mountain lions, coyotes, rabbits, owls, and foxes wait for us to till so they can eat the voles under the snow. A moose tripped over my winch cable once. There are big banners on the mountain that say “STOP—winching ahead,” but I guess the moose didn’t know how to read the sign.

NO. 1

We like to play around a little bit. One of the groomers is famous for spelling out words on the snow with his cat, but we behave pretty well. Everyone takes their job seriously. We’re always ranked no. 1 for grooming in SKI Magazine, and there’s pride in maintaining that.

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