Green is the New Black

A few ways Parkites are showing the love to Mother Earth.

By Barinan Cohen January 1, 2014 Published in the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of Park City Magazine

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Image: Thomas Cobb

Bragging Rights

Park City declared victory over Aspen in the Ski Town Showdown, a competition to see which town’s city employees could make their collective carbon footprint the smallest during May 2013. By doing things like taking the bus and going meatless once a week, the Parkites reduced their emissions by twice as much as the Aspenites did. Booya!

Got Solar 

Thanks to the launch of a bulk purchasing program from Summit Community Solar, harnessing Utah’s prolific sunshine is easier than ever. Customers that got in by the first deadline enjoyed 30 percent off installation costs. Stay tuned for future buy-in periods.

Bagging the Bags

Though not nearly as strong as bag bans in Aspen and Telluride, late last year Park City and Summit County passed resolutions encouraging shoppers to choose reusable over paper or plastic. A good next step might be making reusable bags standard issue in area condos and rental homes, just like towels and shampoo.

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