5 Great Tips to Keep Your Houseplants Happy This Season

Use these methods from the green thumbs at Park City Gardens to keep your indoor flora healthy throughout a mountain winter.

By Tessa Woolf December 15, 2021 Published in the Winter/Spring 2022 issue of Park City Magazine

Houseplants can thrive in winter with the proper care, and they can look great in pottery like these examples from Waves of Stone.

TIP 1. Water Less

“Every species is different based on the climate of where they originate, but most plants will need less water in the winter during their quiet or dormant period,” says Sophy Kohler, owner of Park City Gardens (4459 N Hwy 224, 435-649-1363, parkcitynursery.com).

TIP 2. Increase Humidity

It’s not just moisture from our skin that gets depleted during the winter—plants can get parched, too. “In our environment, winters are especially dry inside with the heaters running, and our plants do not like this,” says Kohler. To help combat plant dryness, Kohler suggests keeping a humidifier close by.

TIP 3. Use the Buddy System

Cluster your plants together in sunlit spots—but avoid touching the windows—to help recirculate the moisture they naturally emit through their leaves.

TIP 4: Tidy Up

Winter is a great time to dust and clean your plant’s leaves. “This will also help them to better receive the reduced sunlight,” notes Kohler.

TIP 5: Adjust Your Thermostat

“Generally, plants like the same temps as humans,” says Kohler. A good rule of green thumbs: If you’re cold or hot, then there’s a good chance your plants are, too.

Pot Heads

Waves of Stone Pottery

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Waves of Stone Pottery

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