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Follow a few simple tricks and you'll soon be surrounded by colorful songbirds.

Image: Anne Reeser

Park City is blessed with an abundance of wild birds, including goldfinches, yellow-headed blackbirds, dark-eyed juncos, and countless songbirds. As an added bonus, sandhill cranes and mountain bluebirds flock here during the warmer months as well. Following are ways to invite these avian guests into your outdoor space, where they will add color, music, and vibrancy.

Tiny songbirds are some of the more spectacular feeder frequenters, but they need a little more protection than the average bird: buy specialized feeders that are built to accommodate these birds’ tiny beaks and that help keep away large-beaked magpies and other bully birds. Place songbird feeders among pine trees and dense bushes that provide quick refuge from predators. 

To lure vibrantly azure bluebirds, hang a mealworm dispenser in a shady spot. Bluebirds can’t resist these protein-rich snacks. Consider also installing a bird bath in your yard. Shallow (to mimic natural puddles) is best. Clean the basin and refresh the water frequently. 

Pour cracked corn on the ground near feeders to draw in one of Park City’s most dramatic and graceful winged residents, the sandhill crane. They will visit your yard to feed, eventually bringing their chicks along when they are old enough, year after year. 

Woodpeckers will flit about your yard with a bright red flicker, and Steller’s jays zoom in with turquoise brilliance. To increase chances of these birds visiting, hang suet feeders at least 10 feet off the ground, preferably in a shady spot. 

Currant, raspberry, and other berry-producing shrubs call out to robins and other migratory birds such as cedar waxwings. Whole families will gorge on these juicy treats. 

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