Java Time

Find Your Coffee Shop

Caffeine-infused hot spots to match your mood

By Lauren Wester November 26, 2019

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Grabbing a warm latte or frothy cappuccino should be more than just a quick caffeine fix for those dreaded early mornings. Whether you’re on your way to the slopes or the office, meeting someone for a coffee date, or finishing up some last-minute emails, it’s important to find a coffeehouse that best fits your personality. Since each coffee shop in Park City is unique just like you, we want to make sure you won’t be stuck lounging on an oddly shaped modern bench when you’d rather be sinking into a cushiony velvet couch. Here's how to find your coffee shop.

The Book Lover

Atticus Coffee & Teahouse is a cozy coffee shop with plenty of books lining its walls. There's even an Atticus Finch quote from the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" on the coffee sleeves—if the name didn’t already convince you enough of their “mild” book obsession. If relaxing and being a bit introspective time is your thing, this is the coffee shop for you.

The Yoga Enthusiast/Environmentalist

Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters on Main Street speaks to the health conscious, eco-friendly crowd. If sipping a rich latte right after your vinyasa session sounds like your jam, Pink Elephant might be your new favorite coffeehouse. Since space is limited (this shop is located above Prospect), the vibe is more on-the-go and minimalist.

The Ski Bum (Who Values Community)

Campos Coffee is smack in the midst of Park City Mountain resort's base, so it’s the best one-stop-shop for that mid-morning espresso craving. Originally a small chain in Australia­­—and Australians are serious about their coffee–Campos recently came to Utah and combined the skiing culture with coffee culture. The layout also has several tables and long booths for the whole ski group to enjoy together.

The Hipster 

Ritual Chocolate not only has delectable handcrafted chocolate, but smooth, velvety espresso. With a modern warehouse kind of vibe, Ritual is a great spot to work on your laptop or truly take your time to savor your mocha. This shop doesn’t have a rushed kind of atmosphere; feel free to taste chocolate, meet a friend, or watch the chocolatiers do their thing behind the glass. 

The 9-5er (Who Sneaks Out For Ski Runs)

Stoked Roasters + Coffeehouse’s motto is, “The official coffee of the outdoors." With a vibrant red espresso machine and large ski wall art, this coffeehouse brings on the energy. Situated right below a co-op office space, Stoked delivers the ambiance of the traditional officegoer, who still knows how to sneak in a run here and there.

The Dog Parent

Hugo Coffee presents an animal-loving atmosphere with wall-to-wall glass windows allowing for sweeping mountain views. With proceeds benefiting numerous dog rescues and Hugo the dog incorporated into the name and logo, it’s no surprise dogs are allowed. The space is extremely open, providing room for you to socialize in-between morning walks (Run-A-Muk leash-free trail is just up the road).

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