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Saving the wilderness has never been sweeter.

Everybody hit the pause button on your spring diet plans because for the month of April, Wasatch and Squatters Brew Pubs are asking everyone to partake in dessert to save the desert. These two brew pubs, which together make up the Utah Brewers Cooperative, are teaming up again for the “Guilt Free Dessert” campaign the entire month of April. Never heard of this fantastic promotion? Here’s the 411.

Guilt Free Dessert is essentially a sales contest between five brew pubs to raise money for a chosen non-profit. This year 100 percent of the proceeds raised during the contest will be donated to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA), an organization dedicated to protecting Utah’s remaining wilderness, particularly in the heart of the Colorado Plateau. “Given the potential loss of the Outdoor Retailer conventions over land use in Utah, Squatters and Wasatch want to show solidarity with those who love and are working to protect our incredible public lands. We can think of no better recipient for this year’s campaign than SUWA,” says Doug Hofeling, Utah Brewers Collective Chief Operating Officer. “Last year’s promotion raised over $20,000,” notes Hofeling, “and with the help of Nicholas & Company, who have again generously agreed to donate all of the ingredients to make the desserts, we are hoping to increase that amount this year.”

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You can help save Utah’s wilderness just by eating dessert at Wasatch and Squatters brew pubs during April with the “Guilt Free Dessert” campaign.

All you need to do to support the campaign is stop into a Wasatch or Squatters Brew Pub (in Park City or Salt Lake City, including their airport location) or the West Side Tavern and order yourself the featured $5 dessert: a Southwest Brownie accompanied by Chipotle Chocolate Sauce. By participating, you’ll be helping SUWA with its many campaigns, including supporting the America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act and protecting Bears Ears National Monument, 1.9 million acres of public land set aside by the Obama Administration being threatened by the new Trump regime and Utah’s Republican lawmakers. “SUWA is honored to be the recipient of this year’s 'Guilt Free Dessert' fundraiser. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Squatters and Wasatch Brew Pubs to spread the message about protecting Utah’s public wildlands,” said Karin Duncker, SUWA’s Associate Director.  “Now more than ever we need to band together to defend our red rock wilderness from oil and gas development, unnecessary road construction, rampant off-road vehicle use, and other threats to Utah’s lands, so that these amazing resources remain intact for all to enjoy for generations to come.”

As if you really needed any more reasons to save room for dessert! So grab some friends and head over to Wasatch or Squatters to indulge in this deal and the sweetness of saving the red rock desert at the same time!

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