Move over Main Street eateries. There's a new restaurant in town and it's ready to fire up--literally--some of the best food not just in Park City, but probably in the country. The restaurant, aptly named Firewood, is the brainchild of Chef John Murcko and it's all about cooking food over an open fire, a task Murcko accomplishes with a massive custom-made grill found in only four other place in the world. The result: mouthwatering dishes that melt in your mouth and a dining experience you won't soon forget.

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The Murckos, cooking up a storm in the kitchen of Firewood on Main, the latest addition to Park City's culinary scene.

Image: Mike Stoner

Occupying the old premises of Cisero's, Firewood's modest decor and casual atmosphere really serves one purpose: to highlight the impressive cooking process. Through a massive window, diners have a perfect view of all the action going on behind the scenes. The centerpiece is, of course, the Infierno 154, the so-called Maserati of grills created by Grillworks, featuring a central fire station, four modular grilling stations, and space for a 48-inch rotisserie.The added showmanship of the dining experience may, however, quickly fall to the wayside when your food arrives.

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The simple, clean, and open dining area offers a perfect view of the showcase kitchen. 

Image: Mike Stoner

During a soft-opening menu tasting, we were treated to dish after dish of food that absolutely melted in our mouths and sometimes left us speechless. The food is created from some of the freshest, locally sourced ingredients available so you really can't go wrong with anything on this constantly rotating menu. Everything is cooked over an open fire, with particular emphasis on meats and seafood. Your choices range from Arctic Char paired with fire roasted clam and salmon with oysters to racks of lamb and American kobe with shiitake mushrooms, black garlic, and duxelle jus--we heartily recommend this last dish. Pair it with one of the carefully selected wines or a cocktail. The Smoke Show, featuring High West Rendezvous Rye, charred blood orange, angostura bitters, and rosemary (make sure you ask for a whiff of the cherry smoked sugar if you order at the bar--it's amazing). 

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A more intimate space towards the back of the restaurant.

Image: Mike Stoner

Those with food restrictions have no fear, there are vegetarian options on the menu and the house is more than happy to cater to guests' individual needs. Don't you dare leave without getting dessert--we're not sure what the final menu will be, but the herb-infused flan and lemony cookie specially prepared by the pastry chef lingered on our tastebuds for a delightfully long time. 

This is an adventure in dining you can't afford to miss! Firewood officially opens on December 15th and reservations are available via their website



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