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The cocktail gets a fresh makeover thanks to the season’s tastiest, trendiest add-in: local cold-pressed juice.

By Tessa R. Woolf June 1, 2015 Published in the Summer/Fall 2015 issue of Park City Magazine

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Image: Mark Maziarz

Fresh juice isn’t just for breakfast anymore. The rise-and-shine beverage is shedding its a.m.-only status and crashing happy hour in the form of juicetails (juice + cocktails), Park City’s new must-have sip. We’re not talking Welch’s here—the juice in these handcrafted creations is organic and raw, offering a healthier pairing in your glass than sugary sodas or sweetened, prepackaged mixers. (Another round, anyone?) 

At Main & Sky’s Tavern (201 Heber Ave, 435.658.2500, skyparkcity.com), head bartender Josh Murphree mixes up juicetails using Just Organic Juice (JOJ). The local company sells its certified organic by-the-bottle juice blends and almond milks via its Sugar House store in Salt Lake City, mobile juice truck, and website, justorganicjuice.com. When JOJ launched in 2011, it was the only Utah producer of cold-pressed juice, made by converting raw produce to a mulch-like consistency and then applying hundreds of pounds of pressure to extract nutrients from spinach, kale, and other leafy greens. 

Kitty Abdalla, who owns Main & Sky with her husband, Ken, signed on as a partner with JOJ owners Lisa Graham and Rick Lundell to help grow the company and incorporate JOJ not only into Tavern’s cocktail offerings, but also as part of the Sky Wellness Collection, which includes the hotel’s recently renovated Sugati Spa & Wellness Center. “Our whole family is addicted to cold-pressed juices, so it is an important part of our lifestyle and overall vision for our wellness center,” Abdalla says. (Check out Sugati’s one-, three-, or five-day individual or group holistic cleanses featuring nutritional consulting, far-infrared sauna sessions, and a daily dose of JOJ.)

This summer, two new JOJ juicetails will be making a splash on Tavern’s bar menu: a margarita, made with JOJ Pineapple Jalapeño juice and organic tequila, served in a black salt–rimmed glass (the drink debuted during last summer’s Bon Appétit Grub Crawl event in Park City and was an instant hit); and La Bala, also made with JOJ Pineapple Jalapeño juice, cocoa-infused tequila, ginger, lime, and absinthe. Two additional juicetail favorites will be available as well: the popular Tavern Mule—“our version of the Moscow Mule,” Abdalla says—made with JOJ Greatfruit-N-Mint juice, London dry gin, pomegranate liqueur, and ginger beer; and the Coconut Whiskey, made with JOJ Coconut Water, coconut liqueur, and High West bourbon. Bottoms up. 

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