The Summit County Public Art Advisory Board is seeking artists to propose a concept for highly creative three-dimensional artwork to be placed on the interior of the South Summit Services Building.

Attention all creatives, the Summit County Public Art Advisory Board (SCPAA) is seeking artists to beautify the interior of the South Summit Services Building in Kamas, UT by creating a two or three-dimensional artwork. Surrounded by local restaurants, shops, and businesses, the facility serves as an important gathering place for locals and provides a number of community services including: Senior Citizen Services, Library, Motor Vehicle, and Health Department. The art installation, which has a budget of $60,000, will greet people as they come to the "Gateway to the Uintas" and is meant to celebrate the multi-cultural heritage and stunning environment of the region. Other goals of the artwork should be to:

  • Reflect the natural and agricultural environment that surrounds Kamas Valley.
  • Connect people to our community celebrating the multicultural heritage of Kamas Valley.
  • Create and celebrate a strong sense of place, recognizing that the location of the building is seated at the ‘Gateway to the Uintas’.
  • Engage the viewer beyond the project’s installation.
  • Utilize sustainable practices.

The $60,000 budget is inclusive of artists’ fees, usage fees, insurance, labor and equipment to design and produce artwork, and travel costs including airfare, hotel, and ground transportation.

Project Details

There are six anchor points provided in the ceiling for the artwork to be suspended from. The maximum load per anchor is 800 pounds. Not all anchor points are required to be used. Artists shall provide information in their proposal for how they anticipate connecting their installations to the anchor points in the ceiling. See drawings for locations of anchors in the ceiling, and for a typical enlarged anchor detail. Once an artist or artist team is selected, they shall provide details and engineering calculations demonstrating the total load of the installation, how it is distributed into each anchor being used, and how they propose to connect to each anchor point. Artists are also encouraged to consider how the installation will react during a seismic event, and to propose a method to sufficiently brace the installation to keep it from swinging. By request, the project architect and/or engineer can provide feedback to the selected artist candidate for how to brace their proposed installation. Once the details and engineering is reviewed by the project engineer and/or architect, the artist may be responsible to provide additional information, clarification of their proposed approach, or revised details to demonstrate compliance. Once the engineering and details are approved by the project architect and/or engineer, fabrication and installation can proceed.


Any artist or team of artists interested in creating a three dimensional art installation driven by the project goals, to be completed in winter 2018, may complete a proposal in accordance with the guidelines (see here) Additional consideration may be given to submissions with stated relevance and ties to Summit County, UT. SCPAAB Members, employees of Summit County, selection panel members, project personnel, and immediate family members of all of the above are not eligible to apply.


Artists and/or artist teams may submit concepts for the South Summit Services Building artwork. Submission of digital materials is required. Please review all guidelines in this Call to Artists and resources provided before starting an application. Incomplete responses will not be considered.


Interested applicants must submit their concept proposal by 5 p.m. on Friday, August 3, 2018. Online submissions and mailed application materials must be received by the deadline. Late and/or incomplete proposals will not be accepted. Semi-Finalists will be selected on August 17 and chosen projects will be asked for additional submission materials (due Aug. 31). Finalists will be selected September 14 and the project is expected to be completed by December 31, 2018.

To read the full details of the SCPAAB Call to Artists, see the press release here.  

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