The Perfect Pairing of Food and Film

Pair your love of gastronomy with film with this line-up of films from E.A.T.S. and Park City Film Series.

By Michaela Wagner October 25, 2016

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Park City Film Series and E.A.T.S. combine for a weekend of foodie film, including East Side Sushi which follows a Latina woman on her journey to become a sushi chef. 

In addition to phenomenal outdoors fun, Park City is also known as a hotspot for food and film which, most the time, are enjoyed in separate spaces. But there's absolutely no reason not to bring them together. That's exactly what local non-profit E.A.T.S. (Eat Awesome Things at School), which focuses on educating students about healthy eating, has teamed up with Park City Film Series to do with the Film and Food Weekend. Check out this amazing line-up of films and guest speakers, as well as a full sushi demonstration!

Friday, Oct. 28th at 8 p.m.: Theater of Life

More than 42 million people in the U.S. are food insecure, yet 30 to 40 percent of our food is wasted, according to the United Nations. What if this perfectly good food could be put to use? This is the question that dominates the deeply moving documentary Theater of LifeThe story chronicles the chefs at Refettorio Ambrosiano who feed the homeless and refugees by cooking up a storm with food that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 

A panel discussion follows the screening, featuring Dr. Adrienne Cachelin of the University of Utah, Grace Henley of IRC New Roots Program, and Ken Kullack of Summit Community Gardens. 

Saturday, Oct. 29th at 8p: For Grace

Watch as Curtis Duffy, a renowned chef who rose out of a troubled youth, as he works to build a luxury restaurant. Duffy may have the skills necessary to achieve his dreams, but will his drive cost him on a personal level? The story follows his journey while delving into his tumultuous childhood and how the kitchen became his place of solace.  For Grace is a documentary showcasing food, family, and sacrifice. (Beer and wine will be available for purchase at this screening.)

Sunday, Oct. 30th at 6p: East Side Sushi

When you think of sushi, you immediately think of Japan, but East Side Sushi tells the surprising story of a Latina woman (Diana Elizabeth Torres) who stumbles upon the cuisine and becomes intrigued. She faces unique challenges as a woman and being an outsider as she struggles to become a sushi chef. This isn't just a film about sushi; it's an inspirational story about overcoming obstacles to achieve your dreams. A post film Q&A with Sushi Chef Peggy Ince-Whiting of Kyoto Restaurant follows this screening. A special film ticket package ($30) includes film admission plus two glasses of wine and a sushi demo and tasting with Peggy.

General admission for all of the films is $8 ($7 for students) and all the proceeds benefit E.A.T.S. and their programming at Park City schools. If that's not enough screen time for you, Park City Film Series is also showing Unlocking the Cage on Oct. 27 as part of the Reel Community Series and the National Theatre production of Frankenstein on Oct. 30. 


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