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The Quick and the Dead, 40 x 60 in.

Image: J Go Gallery 

Park City loves its art, its western roots and memorabilia, and its movies. So it’s no accident that Jude Grenney of the J GO Gallery has an exhibit that shoots straight to the art of the matter.

Artist James Georgopoulos (Jimmy G to his friends) worked as an art director in the film industry for years and was acquainted with many prop directors. After using his persuasive talents to their fullest, he has been granted the opportunity to photograph guns used by Hollywood icons like Marlon Brando, Russell Crowe, Samuel L. Jackson, and Angelina Jolie. Georgopoulos photographs the guns in the movie studios (he’s not allowed to remove them from the premises) and then takes his images to his own workshop, where he creates silver gelatin photographs, covers each with a glossy coat of resin, and then mounts each print onto an aluminum-and-wood panel—resulting in a contemporary pop-art statement.

His work, which includes images of guns from films such as The Quick and the Dead and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, has caught the eye of the Hollywood crowd, and it’s easy to see why. Ranging from 8 by 12 inches to 4 by 7 feet, Georgopoulos’s pieces turn tools of violence into images of beauty, as the intricate details of each gun, from the utilitarian to the elaborately carved, are magnified. The intriguing result is an exhibit called Spaghetti Western, which will premiere at the J GO Gallery starting Friday, January 25, 2013. This, of course, is right in the midst of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, so if you are looking for the perfect activity to round out a silver-screen sojourn, don’t miss this exhibit.

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