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Download this App and Navigate the Mountain Like a Pro

The smart(phone) way to navigate the US’s largest ski and snowboard resort.

By Jeremy Pugh December 14, 2016 Published in the Winter/Spring 2017 issue of Park City Magazine

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The EpicMix app is your way to navigate the mountain via Smartphone.

The massiveness of Park City (the resort, not the town) can be daunting. Its 7,300 acres of skiable terrain can be sliced and diced a million ways, and navigating from rope to rope is literally an all-day affair.

But have no fear, EpicMix is here. This clever phone app tracks your progress around the mountain via an RFID chip in your lift pass. Basically every time you ride a lift, that info is noted. As is vertical feet and number of lifts ridden, providing ample fodder for après-ski bragging rights. The app also passes out pins or virtual rewards for riding a certain group of lifts or achieving a total number of vertical feet or runs in a day or season—a little like Pokémon Go! While this sounds silly, it’s not. The app breaks down the resort’s intimidating size into a manageable virtual scavenger hunt.

“I love chasing those pins,” says Park City season pass holder Rob Martin. “I’m naturally competitive and having a challenge or obstacle adds another layer to my ski day. I’ve had some of my best days riding around and checking off obscure lifts for a pin or trying to make a certain amount of vertical in one day to complete a challenge.”

The real game changer this season is the addition of EpicMix Time to the EpicMix app. The Time feature serves up real-time waits at lifts around the mountain, so rather than, say,  getting stuck in the post-lunch traffic jam at Silverlode, you can take a minute, consult your phone, and plan a route to slide on snow versus stand in a line reminiscent of Penn Station at rush hour.

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