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Weddings & Event Planning


Planning: Stand By Me

02/16/2016 By Tessa Woolf


Trends: Top Of The Line

01/04/2016 By Tessa Woolf

Food & Drink

Food & Drink: In Good Taste

12/29/2015 By Tessa Woolf

True Colors

True Colors: Desert Vibes

12/11/2015 By Tessa Woolf

Last Look

Last Look: Something Borrowed

12/07/2015 By Tessa Woolf

Needful Things

Needful Things: Ruggedly Handsome

12/03/2015 By Tessa Woolf

Needful Things

Needful Things: Amazing Lace

12/02/2015 By Tessa Woolf

Local Vendors

More Outtakes from "Icing on Top"

10/30/2015 By Tessa Woolf

Project Wedding

Project Wedding: Works of Art

08/26/2015 By Tessa Woolf


Flowers: Amor In Bloom

08/07/2015 By Tessa Woolf


Desserts: Icing On Top

08/05/2015 By Tessa Woolf


Fashion: Opening Night

07/20/2015 By Tessa Woolf

Local Vendors

Editor's Note: The Summer/Fall 2015 Issue

It’s a well-known truth that even the best-laid plans can go awry—this is often the case when it comes to magazine deadlines and weddings.

07/12/2015 With twoolf