For a wedding favor that’s practical, enjoyable, and oh so cute, we’ve got the solution—DIY bitters! Tiny bottles with personalized labels will pique your guests’ thirst and inspire their own craft cocktail adventures. With a few simple steps, you can create your personal collection of delicious orange bitters—the perfect accent to loads of cocktails, like the Black Manhattan pictured above. Not a DIY person? Fear not. The hardest part of this foolproof recipe is waiting for the bitters to steep.


(Makes 750ml total)

•½ lb dried orange peels

•1 tsp fennel seeds

•½ tsp coriander

•4 cardamom pods

•2 cinnamon sticks

•20 drops gentian extract

•750ml bottle grain alcohol


•1 cheesecloth

•1 small funnel

•2 two-quart jars w/ lids

•25 small eyedropper bottles


Combine all ingredients in a two-quart jar. Close the jar tight. Store at room temperature in a dark area, and allow the mixture to steep for three to four weeks, shaking the jar once a day. The longer you store the mixture, the more potent the flavors (don’t store over four weeks). Using a cheesecloth, strain mixture into a two-quart jar. Funnel mixture into the small eyedropper bottles, label, and enjoy!


Black Manhattan

1.5 oz. Black Feather whiskey

1 oz. amaro

3 drops orange bitters

1 Luxardo cherry