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Off the Chair Lift and Into the POW

Park City Magazine staffers reveal their favorite runs to hit up after a big storm.

By Michaela Wagner February 22, 2018

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Amazing powder runs at Park City Mountain after a fresh dump of snow.

Powder days are what we live for here in Park City and after a drought, the fever for those fluffy flakes is high. When a big storm finally hits, everyone rushes to be the first in line because, as we all know, at a resort the pow is a precious resource that can get tracked out in minutes. If you're unfamiliar with the terrain and want to get a bit of the pow before it's all gone, here are a few runs that will give you those glorious moments in the white room you're craving. 

Park City Mountain Resort

Crescent to Crescent

If you're looking for easy access and can't wait a second longer than the lift ride, then take Park City Mountain's Crescent lift up and head straight for Crescent run, located right underneath the top of the lift. It's a steep black diamond run you can take all the way down. Of course, you will only get first tracks if you are on one of the first people up, because you can't get more obvious than this. Michaela Wagner, Digital Content Editor

West Face and Portuguese Gap

Anyone who love the pow at Park City knows to high-tail it to Jupiter. Clocking in at 10,026 feet, Jupiter Bowl offers double black diamond runs galore. Head left off the lift along the traverse to the West Face for wide open moderately steep turns. Or head right and down into the first steep chute you come to, the tight and technical Portuguese Gap. Melissa Fields, Former Editor 


Sometimes on powder days when everyone rushes off to the gnar, looking for less obvious powder runs is a good bet. Off the Silverlode lift, head left and make your way toward Assessment. The mellow blue run is like another world after a storm. Melissa Fields, Former Editor 

Cut North from 9990 

Another haven for anyone who loves endless powder are the runs off of 9990. Cut north around the mountain to get to the shoulder. This area doesn't see as much traffic and powder tends to get piled up high here in the wind shadow of the mountain. Greg Tanner, Advertising Sales Representative 

Deer Valley

Ontario Bowl

It's no secret that the majority of Deer Valley clientele swear by the meticulous corduroy groomers; case in point: you'll see flocks of newbies sliding around on the buttery Ontario run after a storm. But the short hike to the off-piste Ontario Bowl is well worth the effort. There you'll find lines of untouched powder run after run after a solid storm. Melissa Fields, Former Editor 

Mayflower Bowl 

Hop off of the Sultan Express and veer left to find one of the longest continuous vertical pitches within the resort (2,000 feet), Mayflower Bowl. Even on a powder day, it's not uncommon for runs inside the bowl like Mayflower Chutes, Fortune Teller, or the long thigh-burner Orient Express to remain relatively untouched till noon. Melissa Fields, Former Editor

Jordanelle/Deer Crest

Looking for some privacy? Most people who ski Deer Valley head straight for Flagstaff Mountain and the center of the resort and onto Empire. Head to the opposite end of the resort to Deer Crest/Jordanelle area and you'll have most of the runs almost entirely to yourself. Sharon Pain, Digital Advertising & Production Coordinator 

Triangle Trees

It's easy to fall in love with tree skiing at Deer Valley and there's no more convincing proof of that than Triangle Trees (located on Bald Mountain off of Tycoon). The powder-filled aspen groves will not disappoint and you're likely to find stash after stash all day long! Michaela Wagner, Digital Content Editor

As always, pray for snow!

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