Get Social With This New App for Outdoor Adventurers

The latest Mountain Hub app allows outdoor enthusiasts to share even more love for getting out there.

Edited by Melissa Fields December 15, 2017 Published in the Winter/Spring 2018 issue of Park City Magazine

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Ever wish your social media feeds had fewer political rants and more of the skiing, hiking, and cycling you love? Wish granted. Park City–based Mountain Hub’s self-named app (free from iTunes) is chock-full of super-useful features like route tracking, crowd-sourced trail conditions, and 18 different styles of downloadable maps, ranging from topo to terrain. Users can also like and comment on others’ posts. But the app’s most impressive feature is 3D flyover, which allows you to follow other users’ tracks on a high-res 3D map. Meaning: when chained to your desk on a Monday morning, instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, you can make a vicarious skin up to the top of, say, 10,420 or Monitor Peak.

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