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Created by local Reneé Huang, the Wild Woman Tribe seeks to bring women together for transformational experiences in nature. 

Let's face it, in today's world it's easy to get burnt out. Between work, relationships with partners, kids, family, and friends, not to mention the constant intrusion of technology into every aspect of our lives, it seems almost impossible to stop and take a minute to relax--especially if you're a woman. Our time and attention is almost constantly in demand and society never cuts us a break. Of course, there's one relatively easy way to get away from it all, particularly in Utah, where the great outdoors beckons us every time we take a moment to look up at the mountains. It was through a couple key excursions into our great wilderness that lit the lightbulb for local Reneé Huang to create a new community, specifically for women, to share in outdoor experiences called the Wild Woman Tribe.

A lifelong outdoors enthusiast, Huang's idea came from two trips she took in 2016. "I spent two nights solo in the high Uintas and realized how magical it was to be immersed in nature and solitude. In a day and age when we are absolutely inundated with technology, there was something soothing and rejuvenating about disconnecting completely and reconnecting with myself," recalls Huang. "The other experience was a girlfriend getaway I planned to Moab for a dozen women. We camped, hiked, mountain biked, and went on an insanely fun river rafting excursion." After returning from the trip, the photos they posted via social media instantly received comments from people wanting to do the same with their friends. So Huang set out to find a way to widen her network of outdoors loving women and the Wild Woman Tribe was born.

Beyond just spending some amazing girls' time in the outdoors, however, Huang's vision for the Wild Woman Tribe takes a more wholistic approach to wellness. "I hope this can be a space for women to connect, grow, transform, and examine overarching issues what affect us all and that we can forge meaningful relationships with each other and ourselves," she says. Instead of segmenting the very specific (book clubs, yoga groups, wine groups, play groups, networking, and so on), Huang imagines something that isn't so intensely focused, but that addresses larger issues that overlap into all area of our lives. That's why the excursions she's planning for the group will also include guided discussions around universal paradigms that anyone can offer a thoughtful perspective on.  "No matter our age and stage, job, marital status, we are fundamentally tied as people who are all embarking upon the journey of life together. It’s uplifting and empowering!" says Huang. 

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The Diamond Forks Hot Springs will be the site of the first wander. 

First up on Wild Woman Tribe calendar are two trips to the Diamond Forks Hot Springs outside of Spanish Fork, offered on Saturday, Novemember 11 and 18. After a mellow 2.5 mile hike to the springs, the group will indulge in some heathy, locally-crafted snacks and dive into a lead discussion about "Identity" moderated by TrailTalk Founder Allison Page, who specializes in walk and talk therapy here in Park City. "Her signature walk and talk therapy model fits in well with what I’m hoping to create, a positive space for transformation in the outdoors," says Huang of Page. "Nature is proven to absorb people’s stress and negative emotions, and movement has a similar effect in releasing endorphins." Any wanderers signed up for the first two excursions will also take home swag bags stuffed with goodies valued at over $200 from local businesses like The Beau Collective, Indigo Highway, LIT Salon Park East, and Sync Float Center (incidentally, all women-led businesses).

With enough interest and enthusiasm, Huang hopes to bring in other Park City-based folks who work in transformational spaces and expand the day trips to weekend camping excursions with equal parts adventure, amazing food, reflection, and repose. While she is trying to form a collective of sorts, she's not planning on sending out materials or tasks beyond the occasional note to spur outdoors inspiration. Any woman, over the age of 18, is welcome to join in the Wild Woman Collective. "Bringing together women of different ages, stages, disciplines and backgrounds is what interests me most," she says. "The topics we discuss are universal enough that anyone can weigh in and provide thoughtful perspectives and insights that we all learn from. I believe that transformation and growth happen when you step outside of your comfort zone and realize that you can surpass your own self-imposed limitations to reach new heights."

Let's hear it for girl power!

If you'd like more information on the group or want to sign up for the Wild Woman Tribe wanders, you can check out the website here

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