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Celebrate Save the Bonanza Flats Victory With These Hikes

In light of the successful conservation campaign, here are some of the awesome hikes everyone will be able to enjoy for generations.

By Michaela Wagner June 20, 2017

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View of Bloods Lake

Just in case you didn't get the news, Park City closed on the 1,350-acre land deal to preserve Bonanza Flats. Thanks to the collaboration and tireless work of 11 nonprofits, we'll all be able to enjoy this pristine piece of wilderness for years to come. There's no better way to celebrate the victory than with an excursion to one of the area's best trails. 

Wasatch Crest Trail

Bikers couldn't ask for a more iconic ride than the Wasatch Crest Trail. For more than 2o miles this route spans across the highest ridgeline in the Wasatch Range between Park City and Big Cottonwood Canyon. It's just one section of the Great Western Trail, which runs 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico. Well suited for intermediate and advanced cyclists, this trail offers five star backcountry views, aspen groves, and meadows filled with wildflowers. While it is extremely popular with bikers, this long trail can also be hiked in roughly six hours. Find more about this trail on the Utah tourism website.

Lackawaxen Lake & Bloods Lake

If you're looking for a short, family friendly hike to a lake try heading to Lackawaxen Lake via 10,420 Peak. It's one of Park City's most popular routes. Access the trail by driving 7.8 miles from Main Street along Hwy 224 to Guardsman Pass. From the parking area, choose the trail that heads straight up the ridgeline and follow it for three-quarters of a mile to reach a V just belwo 10,420 Peak. The trail drops down to Lackawaxen Lake towards the right on a low point of the ridgeline. On your way out, you can hike back up the saddle to visit Bloods Lake, located just a half mile from the parking area. Those looking for a really short hike can choose to only hike to Bloods Lake. 

Jupiter/Tri-County Peak

Jupiter Peak is a magnet for skiers and boarders on powder days in Park City, but also has something to offer in the warmer months with minimal up-front investment. Head up Guardsman Pass and take the obvious two-track road leading from the north of the parking area to get to the saddle between the Jupiter/Tri-County Peak and the Scott’s Bowl overlook. The short, relatively steep hike to Tri-County Peak will have you basking in wildflowers and amazing views of Summit, Wasatch, and Salt Lake Counties (hence the name). If you're up for it, you can even continue onwards to Jupiter. 

Congratulations to all the wonderful organizations and donors who made this happen!


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