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Riding the rails on  Pick ‘N Shovel

In 2016, Transworld Snowboarding’s data-driven Park Poll called out Park City Mountain Resort as one of North America’s Top 10 terrain park destinations. Following is the lowdown on where to find the goods.

North of the Quicksilver Gondola (Canyons Village side)

  • Pine Draw: This beginners’ park—a.k.a. Orange Zone—off Saddleback Express eases you in with a low-consequence array of small jumps, turns, rollers, wide boxes, and even some introductory rails.
  • Transitions: This HUGE park caters to the terrain feature enthusiast looking for a low-pressure environment and tons of variety. There you’ll find more than 35 features on one run.

South of Quicksilver (Park City Base side)

  • Upper First Time: Never ventured into a park? This is your zone. Upper First Time is the smallest-scale park across the resort, located off the top of 3 Kings lift. There you’ll find jumps, rollers, berm turns, and boxes to ease your way into the world of freestyle.
  • Little Kings: Still learning but ready to graduate from Upper First Time and step up your game? Come check out Little Kings. Ride Bonanza lift and rip through the Blaster adventure trail on your way to this pocket park for the next generation of super pros.
  • 3 Kings: This world-famous jib line is accessed two ways: through the Merrill Mini Pipe, a nonstop microtransition thrill ride for all skill sets; or cruise through the low-speed jib zone into the always popular Quicksilver jump line with true medium jumps.
  • Mineshaft: Near the top of the King Con lift, this small-medium mining-themed park is ideal for those looking to progress to more rails, creative styled features, and larger jumps than what’s available at Little Kings or Pine Draw.
  • Pick ’N Shovel and Eagle Superpipe: Created for aspiring professionals and experts alike, this park and ’pipe (Utah’s longest) is where you’ll see local pros like Joss Christensen and Sage Kotsenburg throwing down and learning new tricks.

Skier’s Only Junior Jibbing

The management at Deer Valley Resort, a skiers-only mountain, would rather adult guests keep their boots on the ground. For kids, however, DV offers 14 kid-friendly adventure areas—winding trails through the trees filled with low-angle bumps and jumps otherwise known as whoop-de-dos.

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