Off-Slope Fun

5 Offbeat Après Ski Activities

Ways to spend your off-slope time in Park City other than heading to the bar.

Edited by Melissa Fields February 23, 2017

Skiing and snowboarding is why most live and vacation in mountain towns. But it’s the variety of things to do off the slopes that make people choose Park City over other high-altitude locales. Following are five non-skiing diversions offering a bit more adventure, quirkiness, and memorability than bar hopping, shopping, or going to the spa.     

1. You’re on an underground mine tour when the exit tunnel collapses, but you don’t dig your way to freedom. Instead, you need to solve a series of brainteasers within an hour to escape before the O2 runs out. Such is the premise behind the Park’s newest attraction, The Escape Room.

2. Back in the 1880s, Hope Fueling was the typical teenage daughter of Main Street candy store and bakery owner August Fueling when she met an untimely death that was anything but typical. Upon catching her with her boyfriend, her uncle shot her in a jealous rage. An apparition regularly seen by staff at Flanagan’s on Main is said to be Hope. Learn more about Hope and other Main Street ethereal beings with Park City Ghost Tours, embarking daily at 7 p.m.  

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 3. Water heated by the earth’s interior pumps in through an aquifer at a rate of 135,000 gallons per day, keeping the water inside the Homestead Crater clean and warm 95 degrees year-round. Soak, snorkel, scuba dive, or even take a stand-up paddleboard class in this 10,000-year-old hot spring.

4. Hone your hand-eye coordination with an afternoon of picking off clay pigeons launched from a rustic trap shooting range in nearby Kamas (435.649.9619). Excursions with All Seasons Adventures include transportation from Park City.   

5. Nothing quite compares to being suspended in serene silence above the Wasatch Range from a hot air balloon. A hot air balloon ride is an excursion everyone in the family can participate in and no one will forget. 

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