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How Park City Throws a Pool Party

Beating the heat at the Utah Olympic Park's Annual Slip 'n Soar

By Michaela Wagner June 27, 2016

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Like much of the rest of the West, the last several days have been hot, hot, hot in Park City. If you're looking to get out with friends or family to beat the summer sun, there's not much better than a good ole fashioned pool party. Except, that is, the Utah Olympic Park's annual Slip 'n Soar pool party, held on Saturday June 25. 

More than 600 Park City locals and residents jumped with both feet into the party's variety of activities, from relaxing poolside with a cold beer and hot dog to adrenaline pumping zip-lining, bubble soccer, and, of course, sliding down one of the three giant water ramps/slides, soaring dozens of feet into the air, and splashing into the refreshingly cold pool. The UOP ramps are usually reserved for Olympians and National Team Skiers for training and choreographed shows; the annual Slip 'n Soar is a chance for anyone to see what it's like to fly. 

Of course, if you're not interested in being vaulted 40 or 50 feet into the air, or aren't old enough to give it a try (only ages 13+), all the flipping and belly flopping provided for ample spectator sport opportunities. Here's some of our favorite moments from the day:

Don't worry if you missed the chance to soar last weekend. The Utah Olympic Park will host a second Slip 'n Soar pool party on August 20. 


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