There’s no question that Park City is a dog-friendly town, so much so that it’s often referred to as “Bark City.” Some locals even wonder whether there are actually more dogs than people here. Surely because we love our canine companions so dearly, many local dog owners have a penchant for putting their pooches on a pedestal, no matter how questionable their behavior. But there are some dogs in the Park City area that objectively merit such adulation: dogs like Piper, Wookie, Stella, and Tremper.  These four fantastic fetchers are just a few of the avalanche rescue dogs employed by Park City’s three mountain resorts, all of whom have been trained to help sniff out and dig out avalanche victims. They include a puppy in training, a “Heinz 57 mixture” rescued from the pound, a three-legged pooch who beat cancer, and a whole litter of other lovable labs. Last winter, Park City Magazine took a peek at their lives on the front lines of mountain safety.

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