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Meet the Car Gurus Behind the Popular "Everyday Driver"

Park City residents Todd Deeken and Paul Schmucker know a thing or two about cars.

By Michaela Wagner May 22, 2017

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Park City residents, Paul Schmucker (left) and Todd Deeken turned their passion for cars into a full-fledged Youtube phenomenon and a new TV docu-series for the Velocity Channel. 

Park City residents Todd Deeken and Paul Schmucker may have begun their love affair with cars as kids playing with Hot Wheels, but they've graduated to a slightly more adult experience, cruising the open road in everything from a Ford Focus to Lamborghinis on their YouTube Channel, Everyday Driver. There the duo focuses on providing reviews and comparisons for affordable, fun-to-drive cars, as well as the occasional exotic adventure vehicle in a relatable style. Recently, the channel caught the attention of automotive TV network Velocity where you can now watch the first season of their docu-series, named appropriately after their YouTub channel, Everyday Driver.

Becoming roommates in Los Angeles was the genesis of it all says Deeken and Schmucker. Deeken, who had laid aside his childhood enthusiasm for cars to focus on a filmmaking career, found his automotive passion being rekindled as he and Schmucker bonded over the subject. Soon, they became known as "the car guys" by their group of friends and were constantly called upon to go look at vehicles or called for consultation when someone was thinking about purchasing something. Being avid car show watchers, they were also acutely aware that there wasn't anything out there relatable to either them or their friends. "Either the cars would be really amazing and completely out of reach for the average person or it would be affordable vehicles with boring presentation; there was not middle ground," Deeken says. Eventually, they put two and two together, combining their knowledge of cars with Deeken's filmmaking skills and launched Everyday Driver, hoping to fill the gap with an entertaining show featuring affordable, fun-to-drive cars and adventures for the everyman (or woman). The show combines their unique dual-host commentary with cinematic photography of great roads and attainable cars.

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With just the two hosts and a single-person camera crew, Everday Driver is a small production with a lot of horsepower. 

"The goal for Everyday Driver has always been to help people love what they drive," says Schmucker. He and Deeken pull that off with a remarkably small operation. All the writing, filming, and post-production is completed by Deeken, Schmucker, and two regular shooters (one in Utah and the other in Los Angeles). They also have a foreign correspondent in Germany to cover European vehicles they can't get to stateside. They are able to shoot fifty to sixty percent of the show in Utah, where the car community is surprisingly active; much of the rest is in California. "You expect to see all these crazy cars in Los Angeles, of course, but people start to crawl out of the woodwork for summer here and you'll see some fantastic vehicles locally," says Deeken. A typical shoot featuring two or three cars, with three to four people shooting (including the hosts) will usually take two and a half days plus forty to fifty hours of post-production for editing, mixing, and color correction. 

Since the premiere of their show on Velocity (check out a video preview here), the guys have become slightly famous, occasionally finding themselves recognized while they're out and about. "A few months ago we were out on Main Street, waiting to get into Bandit's when a guy, realizing who we were, stopped so quickly his wife collided with him," Deeken says. The car obsession keeps them very busy. In addition to the show, they're also working on a feature length film and putting together episodes for their weekly podcast The Everday Driver Car Debate where they offer their advice on buying cars. Despite this, they're still very normal Park City guys. They both hold jobs here and love spending their time, much like any other PC residents, skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing (Deeken even has a rock climbing wall in his garage).

After testing so many vehicles, you may be wondering what ride these two car gurus drive. Well, you may spot Deeken cruising around in an orange Scion FR-S, the "typical teenage sports car" (which, incidentally, has only rear-wheel drive) or his wife's Porsche Cayenne, while Schmucker prefers his Jeep Grand Cherokee for Park City's wintry mountain roads. That being said, both freely admit, they're always shopping around. 

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