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Park City unveils a brand new e-bike program to encourage alternative transportation methods.

Last summer, after his first ride on an e-bike—a bicycle with an electric motor–powered pedal assist—Summit County Councilman Roger Armstrong had a revelation. “It seemed to me that e-bikes could be one of the solutions we need to get people out of cars and trying alternative means of transportation,” he relates. This summer, thanks in part to a $500,000 grant landed by Summit County staff and the Utah Transit Authority, Armstrong’s alternative transit vision becomes reality with the launch of Utah’s first e-bike share in Park City.   

Look for approximately 88 Bewegen e-bikes distributed between nine stations: four at Kimball Junction, one at Canyons Transit Center, and four within Park City proper.

If you’re a local cyclist worried about how these heavy e-bikes will impact Park City’s singletrack, rest easy. Though the county’s e-bikes are intended for both transit and pleasure riding, they are meant to be used in designated bike lanes and paved bike paths only. In fact, administrators can control via GPS where the e-bikes can be used, and even limit speeds through sensitive areas like residential neighborhoods. “The pedal-assist is disabled if a user is tempted to explore somewhere he shouldn’t,” says Caroline Rodriguez, Summit County regional transportation planning director. “Plus, since registering online or through an app is required for use, we’ll know exactly who the rule breakers are.”

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