Special Events

Tuesday Sunrise, 7am. Get out and put in miles before the day gets busy.  A morning road loop around Park City is the perfect way to begin your day.  This ride is a shorter loop of various routes in and around Park City (approximately 20 miles). Generally a bit faster ride to keep warm!

  • Opening season ride: May 7th

  • Ride leader: Jeff Sumsion

  • Route: leader’s choice

  • Level: Average speed 18-21mph. Intermediate/Advanced, no-drop ride.

Wednesday Night Worlds (WNW), 5:30 pm. A road ride for those with strong legs who enjoy race intensity. You will be riding with some of the best riders in Utah, so try and hang on! Departs at 5:30 pm sharp from Mountain Velo. Note, this is not an SPC Cycling owned/managed club ride. 

  • Opening season ride: April 10th, weather dependent

  • Ride leader: The leaders are the people in front of you ;)

  • Route: Kamas Loop CCW. Departs from Mtn. Velo.

  • Level: Advanced, drop ride

Saturday Rides, 9 am (New for 2019!) We are going to have a mix of mountain bike, gravel, and long road rides on Saturday mornings. We will depart from and return to Ritual Chocolate unless, the route is changed.

  • Road Rides - Long Days in the Saddle:  If you're looking to get in some long training days on your road bike, routes and distances, but will start from Ritual Chocolate and cover 80 - 100 miles.  

    • Ride Leaders:  Marlene Murnin (Max Testa Training), Doug Almstedt

  • Gravel Rides: Dust off your Gravel Bike and meet us to explore the gravel roads in and around Park City.  Distance will be about 25-60 miles of pure gravel fun.

    • Ride Leaders:  Andrew Fast, Tim Bochnowski

  • Mountain Bike rides: A mid-distance mountain bike ride exploring the trails in and around Park City.  

    • Ride Coordinator:  Rex Dannan

    Weekly schedule: (Location starts and routes TBA. Keep checking back as the type of ride is subject to change based on conditions.)

    • May 4 - Gravel

    • May 11 - Mountain Bike

    • May 18 - Gravel

    • May 25 - Long Road Ride

    • June 1 - “Field trip” to High West Distillery! Special road and separate gravel groups.

    • June 8 - Gravel

    • June 15 - Mountain Bike

    • June 22 - Gravel

    • June 29 - Long Road Ride

    • July 6 - Gravel

    • July 13 - Mountain Bike

    • July 20 - Mountain Bike

    • July 27 - Long Road Ride

    • Aug 3 - Long Road Ride

    • Aug 10 - Mountain Bike

    • Aug 17 - Gravel

    • Aug 24 - NAC Ride

    • Aug 31- Mountain Bike

Sunday Road Worship, 10 am. A longer road ride (35 - 45 miles) departing & finishing at Ritual Chocolate. All group levels will depart one after another, allowing for riders to fall back if desired. All levels encouraged! Four groups for four levels.

  • Opening season ride: April 28th

  • Route: Kamas loop CW on even dates, extended PC loop on odd dates. Departs from Ritual Chocolate.

  • Break Away group: ”A” level drop-ride. Average speed 20-25mph.

    • Ride leaders: John Allison, Doug Almstedt, Mike McGurl

    • Level: Advanced/Intermediate, drop ride.

  • Peloton group: Drop ride. Average speed 18-21mph.

    • Ride leaders: Toni Allison, Monika Gilmore, Sarah Probert (sub: Carolyn Sterrett, Drew Gilmore)

    • Level: Intermediate, drop ride.

  • Groupetto group: No Drop ride. A great way to start if you have never ridden in a group or desire a more leisurely pace. Average speed 17-18mph

    • Ride leaders: Andrew Fast, Alycia Hill

    • Level: Beginner/intermediate, no drop ride.

  • Town Loop Group: Twice a month (2nd and 4th Sunday) a slower paced town loop will leave at the same time as the Sunday ride from Ritual Chocolate.  This is geared for first time group riders looking for a little less mileage and a little more fun.

    • Ride Leader:  Chandra Almstedt

    • Level: Beginner group riders, no drop ride

Price Range

Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 7:00am between June 2 and September 30