Taj Mahal Quartet, and Marc Cohn featuring special guest vocalists Blind Boys of Alabama. The Institute will present three critically-acclaimed and award-winning musical acts in one night.

Mahal’s more than five decades of recording and touring have reshaped and redefined the scope of the blues. The two-time Grammy winning singer, songwriter, film composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist has performed all over the world, collaborating with Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Wynton Marsalis—among many others.

Cohn is known for weaving vivid, detailed tales that evoke universal human feelings—love, hope, faith, joy and heartbreak. Time magazine called him “one of the honest, emotional voices we need in this decade” and Bonnie Raitt declared, “Marc is one of the most soulful, talented artists I know. I love his songs, he’s an incredible singer, and I marvel at his ability to mesmerize every audience he plays for.” His music has traveled the length and breadth of American musical heritage, and his recent work with the Blind Boys of Alabama yielded a Grammy- nominated song, “Let My Mother Live.” Cohn’s live shows highlight what he does best: infuse American music with both a fresh perspective and a reverence for its deep roots.

The Blind Boys of Alabama have been praised by NPR as “pioneers,” transcending barriers of race and genre to become one of the most acclaimed and celebrated groups in modern music. From the Alabama Institute for the Negro Blind, where the original members met as children, all the way to The White House - where they’ve performed for three different presidents - the band’s story is, in many ways, America’s story, and that story is at the heart of their emotional new album, Almost Home. Cohn has performed for PCI audiences three times, previously, and Taj Mahal has played once before on the Eccles Center Main Stage. The Blind Boys of Alabama will mark their Institute debut with this show.

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Aug 13, 2019 at 7:30 PM