Food & Drink

This is a cozy meal to be enjoyed on a cold winter night if possible by a fire.
Begin the evening preparing preparing a braised chicken dish typical of the Normandy region of France. Once it is in the oven, create a variation of classic fondue that is flavored with beer & enjoyed with soft pretzel bites. Mix up a fresh salad of winter greens with flavors of lemon and ginger. Enjoy the fondue and salad as the chicken finishes cooking. When it is time for dessert, have fun cooking crepes, learn to flip them in the air then enjoy them “profiterole style” - with ice-cream and chocolate.

Beer fondue- delicious twist on classic Fondue using Swiss and Cheddar cheese and beer instead of wine.  For dipping use pretzel and rye bread bites along with seasonal vegetables; Salad of Mixed Winter Greens, Preserved Lemon and Ginger with a Thyme Vinaigrette; Crispy Braised Chicken with Leeks, Apples and Cider; Celery Root & Potato Mash with Truffle Salt; Profiterole Crepes with Hot Chocolate Sauce

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Mar 16, 2019 at 6:00 PM