While social distancing has relegated the rush of angling through a crowded room—the brush of bodies, snippets of conversation, wild gestures, and cacophony of laughter—to fond memory, the silver lining has been the opportunity to engage with our favorite people in more intimate, creative settings. With help from some top-notch local vendors, entertaining at home—or in your hotel room, condo, or Airbnb—becomes an occasion to elevate a shared meal into a truly memorable occasion. Whether you treat yourself to takeout or enlist the talents of a local chef, this season is all about celebrating connection and the spirit of community.

In This Feature:

How to Entertain at Home

Entertain from the comfort of home (or your home-away-from-home) with help from local vendors.

12/23/2020 By Vanessa Conabee

Three Premium Places for Takeout

When you just don't have it in you to cook

12/23/2020 By Vanessa Conabee

Enlist a Local Chef to Help with Dinner

Tired of staying in? Private chefs can help spice things up.

12/23/2020 By Vanessa Conabee

Be Your Own Bartender

Entertain at home with your own craft cocktails.

12/23/2020 By Vanessa Conabee

Make Your Tablescape Work for You

A florist offers advice for entertaining in these pared-down times.

12/23/2020 By Vanessa Conabee

Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Party

Engage with your favorite people in more intimate, creative settings.

12/23/2020 By Vanessa Conabee

Create the Ultimate Après-ski Experience

Après House's Jen Francis customizes events

01/12/2021 By Vanessa Conabee