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If approved, the interior of Woodward Park City will look a lot like this Woodward facility, located in Truckee, California.

Image: Woodward

While there’s been plenty of chatter about Powdr Corporation’s plans to build a Woodward Mountain Center at its Gorgoza Park recreation facility, most of the buzz has been about the height of the building, slated for the northwest corner of the property. But what’s gotten less airplay is the programming Powdr plans to offer there—ironic for a facility that, among other skills, teaches kids how to get big air safely.

At Woodward Camps (Park City would be Powdr’s fifth location), kids ages 7 to 19 can take part in progression-based skills development in sports and disciplines ranging from mountain biking and snowboarding to cheerleading and parkour, just to name a few. “Terrain parks have evolved, and teaching the responsible use of them is a key element in action sports skills development,” says Jody Churich, executive vice president and COO of Powdr’s Woodward Camps. “Kids learn inside on trampolines, ramps, and foam pits to master air awareness that can then be transferred outside into their specific sports.” 

But the Woodward philosophy isn’t limited to kids’ physical development. Churich says the curriculum includes as much focus on “the building blocks to create cool people—friendship, confidence, independence, and memories”—as it does on learning to go higher, move faster, and get stronger.

Though the Summit County Council approved a height exception for Woodward Park City last December, Powdr was still working through approvals with the county Planning Commission and had yet to set a date to break ground at this magazine’s press time. 

“We want this facility to benefit the community,” Churich says. “This will be affordable for local kids—a day pass won’t be a big-mountain lift ticket, but it will be in alignment with what you would pay for any camp or day-use recreation facility. Because our participants benefit from spending more time in our camps, this will be helpful to working families, too.”

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