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The Portland based band, World's Finest, hits the stage in Park City on March 24 at O.P. Rockwell and they want you to come out and dance the night away with them.

Start your weekend off right by dancing the night away with friends to the sounds of Portland-based band, World's Finest, at O.P. Rockwell on March 24. The eclectic five piece band includes Chris Couch on guitar, Evan Malfer on upright bass, Dan Hurley on banjo, Mike Apodaca on drums, and Sean McLean on sax and lead guitar. Fresh off of recording their new six song EP "We Got Ourselves a Game Here," which was recorded live, the band's enthusiasm is at an all time high and they're looking forward to jamming in Utah. 

The group began as an acoustic duo, but as new members came aboard they embarked on new explorations of funk, bluegrass, dub, and electronica. While there is still a keen focus on songwriting, vocals, and vocal harmonies, World's Finest has also embraced reaching deeper into more psychedelic and instrumental realms. Much of their work is inspired by their everyday lives and adventures, according to Evan Malfer. "There's definitely a lot of songwriting rooted in telling the stories of the people who we interact and share relationships with: friends, lovers, family, and strangers," said Malfer. "We also get lots of inspiration from our fellow musicians, both in Portland and on the road.  Portland these days is a hot-bed for talent, and on any given night you can go out and get blown away by top notch musicianship in every corner of the city." Coming from five vastly different areas of the country (New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Eastern Oregon, and San Jose), the members also grew up with differing musical styles and can draw on the wealth of knowledge as they create their own voice. 

With their most recent record, World's Finest threw caution to the wind and recorded in front of a live audience rather than in the studio. The idea originated with Justin Phelps, the engineer on the group's previous album. He thought it would be amazing to capture the experience of a live show and recording a live album seemed like the clearest answer. "Adding the element of an audience, dancing and getting down, really allowed us to feel in our element," says Malfer. "Hopefully that organic, live-energy performance comes across." 

World's Finest is promising to bring lots of energy to their performance at O.P. Rockwell with a unique setlist full of new material. Band members are looking forward to sharing what they've been cooking up and, of course, making sure you don't stop dancing all night! Check out the video for a little sneak preview of what's to come.


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