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The new Whole Foods Market opens October 18 in Park City with a lot of upgrades, including an amazing array of dining options and a taproom.

After watching the construction for months, the day has finally come: the new Park City Whole Foods is about to open. The new location is nearly twice the size of the old and is significantly improved. If you weren't a Whole Foods junkie before, you may very well become one soon because the new store has gone above and beyond the typical grocery store, aiming to become a culinary destination for food lovers with a full range of organic specialties, healthy and decadent fast dining options, and more. Here's just a few reasons to put Whole Foods down as your favorite lunch (or dinner) destination.

The Silver Mine Taproom

A tap room in a grocery store? In Utah? Believe it. There are no less than 24 local and hard-to-find beers on tap at Whole Foods' in-store Silver Mine Taproom, which also offers bottled beer and wine by the glass. Visit during their daily Happy Hour from 4 to 7 p.m. for drinks paired with fish and chips, artisan cheese, crispy smoked wings, burgers, and, chips and salsa.

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Patio of the Silver Mine Taproom

Myriad Fast Dining Options 

Pick up your favorite specialty rolls, a sushi burrito, or indulge in a some ramen on your next visit. For the first time ever in Utah, Genji will be offering an expanded Karaage chicken menu choices. Top it off with a Bubble Tea and you're set to go. Or how about some house ceviche and poke made fresh just at your bidding? With a number of different options, every customer can make their own blend of light and healthy snacks. And ith only a seven minute cook time in the Stone Hearth Oven, the self-service pizza station is deliciously efficient choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Yes, there are vegan options, too.  

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The new location offers entrées galore. 

Ritual Drinking Chocolate & Coffee Bar

Local chocolate makers Ritual Chocolate is also getting in on the action at Whole Foods, where decadent, handcrafted, small-batch drinking chocolates and truffles are served alongside espresso drinks, nitro brew, and artisan roasts at the coffee bar -- caffeination and confections in one stop! 

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Drink your chocolate or eat it in a truffle concoction. All from local company Ritual Chocolate.

Image: Michaela Wagner 

Local Emphasis

Parkites love supporting local businesses, purveyors, and producers, and so it goes without saying we love all the signs around the store telling us where the products come from. Beehive Cheese; Ritual Chocolate; and Wasatch, Park City, and Squatters breweries are just a few of the local products you'll find at Whole Foods. 

You don't have to take our word for it though. Whole Foods is throwing an opening day bash on October 18 starting a 9 a.m. with live music, food from local vendors, giveaways, and a few surprises. You may even find yourself wanting to spend your whole paycheck!

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