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Members of Westgate Park City Resort and Spa aim to donate Thanksgiving dinner to 100 Park City families in need this year.

For most of us, Thanksgiving is inextricably linked with copious amounts of food. We spend the entire weekend stuffing ourselves, often at multiple meals in the homes of family and friends. With all the bounty that surrounds us, it's easy to forget this is not the reality for all families. That's why the Westgate Park City Resort and Spa is once again calling on local hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other organizations to chip into their annual efforts to provide gourmet Thanksgiving meals to local families in need. 

The laudable Thanksgiving tradition began roughly five years ago, when Brian Waltrip, the General Manager of Westgate, first had the idea. Thanksgiving is one of his favorite times of year, particularly since the emphasis of the holiday is spending time with family and friends rather than receiving presents. “Giving back to the local community is important to us,” said Waltrip. “It has been remarkable to see the impact over the years by providing families in need with a top-quality Thanksgiving meal." The sentiment rings true to the local Park City spirit, where giving back to the community is a tradition.

Four years ago, Waltrip, with the help of Westgate's executive chef and Park City School District, donated meals to 10 families. Every year since then, they've been able to deliver to 6-10 families. Now they're thinking bigger and opening the project up to the rest of Park City with the goal of serving 100 local families. That's a lot of meals, but Waltrip is confident the top resorts and restaurants in the area will step up to the plate and easily achieve this goal. This year's fully cooked meals will features a 15-pound turkey, potatoes, a cranberry dish, pies, stuffing, vegetables and bread. Park City School District and Snowbird's Wasatch Adaptive Sports are helping select families, including ones who may not be able to prepare meals due to physical restraints. Specifically, the Westgate is looking for hotels, restaurants, and organizations who can cook additional meals and deliver them. Westgate has a crew of volunteers to help any participants unable to undertake deliveries personally. The more meals they cook, the better!

So far ten area hotels have already pledged to help on the project, including the Montage, Stein Eriksen, Waldorf, Hotel Park City, Hyatt Centric, Vail Properties, Grub Steakhouse, Park City Marriott and Salt Lake City Sheraton. Any hotels, restaurants, or organizations who wish to participate should contact Brian Waltrip at 435.940.9444 or by email at brian_waltrip@wgresorts.com

If you don't happen to be on the list of families the Westgate is serving dinner to, there's always room at the table for one more at the No Name Saloon & Grill. As per their annual tradition, they're inviting anyone without a place go to come for a complimentary meal starting at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Now that's something we can all be grateful for!

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