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The National Ability Center will honor United States active duty and veteran service members with its annual “Saluting Our Heroes” luncheon event on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016, at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.

Millions of brave women and men have served our country in the military and while we honor them with national holidays like Veterans' Day, the real work of supporting them takes daily dedication. The National Ability Center (NAC) in Park City is one of the wonderful organizations that steps up to the plate, giving disabled veterans the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle through sports and recreational programs. If you've ever been on the ski slopes in Park City, you've probably spotted NAC instructors accompanying skiers of all ages on sit-skis or gazed with amazement as they flank blind and vision-impaired skiers flying down the slopes with style. In addition to all their great work on and off the mountain, every year the NAC also hosts a "Saluting Our Heroes" luncheon to honor our active duty and veteran service members. You're invited to join them on Wednesday, Nov. 16th at The Grand American Hotel in Salt Lake City for the annual event.

This year's "Saluting Our Heroes" keynote speaker will be journalist, filmmaker, and author Sebastian Junger, best known for his #1 New York Times Bestselling books The Perfect Storm, Fire, A Death in Belmont, Ward, and most recently, Tribe. While the event pays tribute to the brave women and men who fought for our country around the globe and supports military programs, it also highlights the work of the organizations, including the NAC, that provide cutting-edge care and rehabilitation to those who live with disabilities from injuries sustained during their time in service. “Warriors and their families deserve high-quality, non-institutional environments where they can truly connect and heal,” said Gail Loveland, National Ability Center's executive director. “The National Ability Center has served thousands of veterans, active duty soldiers and their families through programs that support and challenge them to learn new skills, set higher goals, improve communication, encourage relatedness and extend their reach beyond perceived limits."

Currently the NAC serves more than 4,100 individuals of varying abilities annually with 28,000 lessons and experiences. In accordance, all the funds raised during the "Saluting Our Heroes" luncheon will be put directly to use continuing these crucial programs for military service members and their families. The event is free and open to all current and veteran members of the armed forces, community partners, and businesses interested in learning about support programs for military community and their families in Utah. Guests are, however, asked to make a minimum $100 donation to support U.S. service members.  Prior to attending you must register on the NAC website. Let's put our money where our mouth is and really support our troops in a meaningful way!

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