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Over the past 20 years, Park City restaurateur Bill White has created a mini-empire of sorts, in large part by paying close attention to creativity and authenticity, in terms of both food and atmosphere. So when White decided to pay tribute to his home state of Michigan—Detroit, in particular—it’s no surprise that he went directly to the “Paris of the Midwest” to source ambience for his newest eatery, Billy Blanco’s Motor City Mexican Burger and Taco Garage, located in the Pinebrook neighborhood’s commercial enclave, Quarry Village. Highlights of the high-octane décor here include actual Harley-Davidson and Ducati motorbikes, a Shelby GT, a Dodge Charger, and a larger-than-life wall mural of White’s Detroit brother-from-another-mother, Kid Rock.

The muscle cars and motorcycles that populate Billy Blanco’s are head-turners, but so are the prices. For example, a big beer and a shot is just seven bucks. And though I never thought I’d live to see tater tots on a Bill White menu, Billy Blanco’s has ’em—and they’re a completely addictive accompaniment to the aforementioned beer and shot.

Entrée portions, meanwhile, are ginormous. You might need a chainsaw to cut through the mile-high Benji burger, which features Angus chuck, shaved barbecued short rib, cheese, and all the other accoutrements you’d expect. Even the commonplace hot dog gets special treatment: the grilled Hebrew National meat tube is topped with bacon, homemade jalapeño-pickle relish, pico de gallo, and red chile mayo. Vroom, vroom!

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